20 Things You Didn’t Know About Barcelona

Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona

Park Guell, famous as one of the works of Antoni Gaudi (and inspired by the English garden cities), was actually originally commissioned by Eusebi Guëll to be an up-market housing estate. No-body wanted to purchase one of the proposed luxury houses because it was felt the estate was too far from the city centre.

The abbreviated name for Barcelona is Barna not Barca, which is the short name for Barcelona FC. Its name in Basque (NW Spain) is Bartzelona.

Barcelona’s beaches were formed during the construction work for the 1992 Olympics. They have proved to be very popular ever since.

 Passeig del Borne was once a jousting arena.
Barca FC ‘s colours of claret & blue (blaugrana) originate from the rugby team colours of Merchant Taylor’s School in England, where one of the founding members of Barca’s team, Arthur Witty, went to school.
Wild boars have been spotted in Gracia, a district of Barcelona.
The monument of Christopher Columbus at the bottom of Las Ramblas is said to depict Columbus pointing towards the New World, but it is actually pointing to Columbus’s supposed home town of Genoa, to the East, and not to the West, of the New World.
Barcelona is famous for its chocolate (both, bars of chocolate and the bittersweet hot pure drinking chocolate), and one artisan chocolatier, Oriol Balaguer, created a dessert in 2001 that was voted the best dessert in the World!
Barcelona and Spain have now joined the rest of Europe, in enforcing a smoking ban.
Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is an expiatory Church, meaning that it has been built solely by donations given, during its 129 year history.
During Franco’s reign in Spain, after The Spanish Civil War, FC Barcelona was made to change its name to CF Barcelona (Club de Fútbol). The name was changed back in 1974.
Barcelona is 714 miles from London and 308 miles from Madrid.

The most walked pedestrian street in Spain is Barcelona’s Portal de l’Àngel. 3,500 people walk down it every hour.

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia recently became a basilica when it was consecrated by The Pope on 7 Nov 2010.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Freddie Mercury was asked to write & perform a song for the opening of the 1992 Olympic Games. The result was the iconic “Barcelona”. However, he died before the opening ceremony, and the other half of this duet, Montserrat Caballé, was so upset that she refused to perform it at the ceremony.

FC Barca’s Camp Nou stadium is the biggest privately owned stadium in the world, with a seating capacity for up to 100, 000 people.

The book, Homage to Catalonia, was written by George Orwell in Barcelona, in 1938.

The area around Barcelona, renowned for its vineyards & wine-making was also the birthplace of cava, the Spanish equivalent of champagne, and invented by Josep Raventos of the Cordorníu wine-making family.

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Can you think of no. 21  of  Things you didn’t know about Barcelona?!

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