Try Easter in Barcelona 2012

Try Easter in Barcelona 2012

This year, Easter in Barcelona goes from the 1st until the 9th of April

Easter in Barcelona starts with Fira de Rams (Palm Sunday) on the 1st of April where the Semana Santa (Easter week)  also begins. On the 6th of April is Viernes Santo (Good Friday) which is a public holiday. Easter ends with Dilluns de Pascua Florida (Easter Monday) which is also a public holiday.

Easter is a big tradition in Spain as the majority of people are Catholic. However, it is not celebrated as much in Barcelona as it is in the rest of Spain, but there will be some Easter parades and things to experience and see.

 During Palm Sunday, it is a tradition that the aged and yellow leaves of  the palm trees are cut and then woven by the grandmother of the family into crosses, but nowadays they are  just bought at the markets of Fires de Rams. There are lots of different woven shapes to buy and the sight is amazing.


The most popular stalls of the Fires de Rams are in front of Barcelona La Seu Cathedral, on the street Rambla de Catalunya and on Plaça de la Sagrada Familia.

In Barcelona, it is a tradition to leave the city to go to the nearby smaller cities to celebrate Easter with the family (usually the weekend of the start of Easter week). An estimated 650.000 cars leave Barcelona and this mass exodus is called Operacion Salida  (Operation exit).

Easter is a truly nice time to visit Barcelona. The spring has begun, the breeze is warm and for example Barcelona Zoo and the Tibidabo amusement park have special Easter activities for the children.

For Easter,  Catalan people eat something Called Mona. It is a cake made in all kinds of different shapes and sizes.

The main ingredient is eggs, due to the fact that originally, the catholic people can not eat meat and eggs for 40 days before Easter so the grandparents saved the eggs and made the cake with as many eggs as the number of their grandchildren. All of the Barcelona bakeries makes them during Easter week, but for a unique experience and exhibition you can visit the one famous bakeriy Escribà patisserie to try this lovely cake.



Also they eat Torrijas, which is bread from the day before soaked in egg, milk and sugar with honey or syrup.

Easter in Barcelona is the quintessence of delicious food, happy atmosphere, children’s laughter and history. It is most definitely one of the best times to visit Barcelona.

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